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VIDEO: How to find the right coach? Get to know more on our background

In today’s environment, we see a multitude of coaches, each specialized in certain fields and each with unique and diverse backgrounds. This can make it very challenging to select the coach who is actually the right fit for you!

Here are a couple of tips that will help you in your search for the perfect match:

· Reach out to several coaches. A professional coach is very much aware of the skills and experience of their colleagues, and they will support and recommend you talking to multiple candidates prior to making your choice. In other words, we’re very much used to this!

· Read the coaches’ profile and background and get a feel of who they are. Are you also looking for a mentor, then it might be useful to select a coach who has similar background experience, or has worked in the same or similar industry as the one in which you are active.

· Coaches typically are open to introductory conversations and will not charge you anything for such a session. After all, it’s in everybody’s interest to find the right match!

· If available, check with your local HR department whom they would recommend. Again, they might have worked with several coaches in the past.

· Do not feel obliged to select a coach from a specific agency your company is working with. If the match is not there, then continue your search and include independent coaches whose profile you find interesting.

Still not clear on how to start your search – let us know and we’re happy to help you! This video gives you a short introduction on our backgrounds, more info in "our coaches". We look forward to hearing from you!

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