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VIDEO: The benefits of coaching & our personal experience of being coached

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

You might wonder why people work with a coach: do those sessions really have an impact? Isn’t coaching for people who have problems, or a privilege for the top CEO's who can afford it? Won’t a good book or a course teach me all I need to know?

Let’s give you some insights that might let you look at this differently...

Most of us, at certain times throughout our professional career, are faced with doubts or even fears. Whilst not unusual, it can keep you from moving ahead and doing what you really want to do. Maybe you believe that the top job is not for you because you lack certain skills. Maybe you feel that the current salary and benefits give you stability, and you stick with a less interesting or a more stressful job. Maybe you want to take certain business or team development decisions, but you proceed with uncertainty or not at all because matters are complex, risky or unpleasant. Whatever the matter, it are limiting thoughts and beliefs that prevent you from progressing or living up to the expectations you have for yourself.

Here is the role of the coach: whether you call him/her a leadership coach, a personal coach, an executive coach, the fact is that, whatever the query, the coach will help you get your thoughts straight, gain perspective and build (self-)awareness. The coach will be a sounding board, unbiased and unjudgmental, asking you the questions that you need to answer and providing you with clear and transparent feedback. (S)he will guide you through your thought process until the fog lifts and you see the way ahead, more clearly and more confidently. Imagine doing what you have dreamt of! Or simply pursuing your current work and life at greater ease or peace of mind.

In summary, coaching is the right development tool for those who wish to make a change, challenge themselves, or not settle for the obvious. Are you such a person? Then coaching might be exactly what you are looking for!

In this video we tell you about our own experience with coaching.

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