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VIDEO: Why would you invest in coaching as an organization?

The benefits of coaching for corporations cover a wide range and companies increasingly turn to coaching for multiple reasons, which all aim to enhance performance and increase attractiveness as an employer:

1) To establish a culture in which people can thrive beyond the limits of knowledge, experience and technical tools by improving communication and increasing their motivation.

2) To enable top executives to optimise their approach to whatever they need to tackle in the company. Coaches are confidential and neutral partners. With them, CEOs and managers can consider business matters at a healthy distance.

3) To help managers develop their skills in achieving targets, realising complex projects, leading teams, improving or expanding internal and external relations, increasing self-awareness, overcoming personal barriers etc.

4) To support teams in learning what enhances their cohesion, how to give and receive constructive feedback, how to manage stress or how to become more resilient to change. Team assessments show how a team can become more effective. Professional models are available (e. g. Lencioni).

By the way, working with a coach who does not know the details of the business, is often experienced as an advantage by clients.

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